In addition to offering our own range of products Hepworth Composites provides a trade moulding service a wide variety of end use industries and applications.

Mouldings in Polyester DMC-SMC offer excellent mechanical and electrical properties and are particularly suitable for outdoor applications. The materials also have a high strength to weight ratio, good chemical resistance, excellent flame retardancy; UV stabilised and will operate continuously at temperatures from -40° C to +150°C without significant loss of properties. In addition the ability to mould complex products enables the design of both functional and aesthetically pleasing components.

Mouldings in Phenolic DMC-SMC are particularly suitable where excellent heat or fire resistance is required, or where low smoke/toxicity performance in a developed fire combined with excellent mechanical properties. Meets the requirements of Rail Industry specification to BS 6853.

Such applications include:

  • Gas and Electrical Meter boxes
  • Transport
  • Electrical
  • Defence
  • Automotive panels
  • Composite Manhole covers
  • Decorative Home products
  • Sectional tank panels
  • Telecommunications
  • Water Meter Boundary Boxes